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Demand For Local Services

Martensville’s growth has opened up opportunities for more services to be located in right in Martensville and improving what is available locally for residents. In 2010 a local market study was conducted examining the market for increased services in the community and what was required for future commercial areas and what were current opportunities for local services.

This was followed up in 2013 with the Retail Services Survey which residents were surveyed to better understand their shopping behaviours and preferences for additional business development, retail and healthcare services in Martensville.

What was discovered in these projects?

  • Even though residents may commute to Saskatoon for work or other activities, there is an overwhelming desire to see more services locally closer and more conveniently closer to where they live.
  • Martensville should continue to develop and facilitate commercial areas to take advantage of its location, vicinity to Highway 12 and to have services to support residential growth.

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Construction Activity – Building Permits

Fast and steady population growth in the last decade has brought new neighbourhood with new and modern homes. Martensville neighbourhoods are clean, safe and modern. The man-made canals and lakes around neighbourhoods provide a unique aesthetic feature as well as an option for recreation. From 2006 to 2014, over 1700 new single family and multi-family units were built in Martensville.

Single Unit Residential Starts2031741081258157 37
Multiple Unit Residential Starts353524287240 32
Single Unit Improvements159187162155185147 182
Commercial/Industrial Starts/Improvements161115171810 21
Institutional Starts/Improvements221556 5
Other Development/Improvements525562647139 48
Total Construction467464372387431299 171
Total Value of Permits$43,156,511$45,471,100$31,227,336$40,519,080$51,641,730$47,204,622$63,557,469
Average Value of Permits$92,412$97,998$83,944$104,700$119,818$157,875$371,681

Location & Amenities Big City Convenience — Small Town Feel


Martensville is located minutes away from Saskatchewan’s largest city and 15 minutes away from the province’s largest airport, John G. Diefenbaker Airport.

The City sits along the busy Highway 12, one of Saskatchewan’s busiest highways with a daily traffic count of over 15,000 vehicles, adding to the success of our retail businesses.

Martensville is within 30 minutes of intermodal transport of the country’s two major rail lines and over 150 trucking and freight companies.

Our location enables easy access to the Yellowhead Highway which connects Saskatoon to major Western Canadian Markets.

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