Last week’s announcement by the Saskatchewan Government regarding the building of nine new joint-use schools, one of which will be located in the Martensville, is being lauded as great news today by City officials.

“According to the government, the decision on where to locate the nine new schools in the province was made based on growth, and our community is absolutely one that is experiencing unprecedented growth,” says Kent Muench, Mayor of the City of Martensville. “We are very pleased that the hard work and dedication of families, students, teachers and school officials are being recognized and that their concern regarding the daily pressures they face in overcrowded schools are being acknowledged.”

This past July, provincial and municipal government and school division officials gathered in Martensville to celebrate the start of construction on the new multi-purpose facility, the largest construction project in the City’s history. Linked to that project is new construction and renovations at the City’s existing high school including a new gymnasium and performing arts theatre.

“With two new schools coming, this is an incredibly exciting time for our community,” says Muench. “We look forward to upcoming community consultations and collaborating with the Prairie Spirit School Division, Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division, along with our provincial government partners to ensure the best facility for our students and our community will be constructed.”

Muench adds the dedication and support for the region by MLA Nancy Heppner has been outstanding. “As a partner in a growing province, the City of Martensville greatly appreciates the leadership position the government has taken on the issue of education in our region,” he says.

Over the past number of years, the population of Martensville has been on a steady rise. With a new City Hall and 50,000 square foot Athletic Pavilion under construction, and two major residential developments underway, the City has no doubt the new schools will be filled with Martensville students quickly.

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Kent Muench
Mayor, City of Martensville

The Government of Saskatchewan news release announcing the news schools is located at:

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