One of Canada’s most recognized brands is coming to Martensville. The Canadian Tire Corporation has purchased 5 acres of land in the commercial development of Black Iron Crossing.

If all goes as planned, Canadian Tire will join Tim Horton’s, Saskatoon Co-op, Pharmasave and a future wellness centre in the 20-acre development located between Centennial Drive North and Highway 12. Black Iron Crossing combines large retail space, smaller commercial retail units, and space for single retail outlets.

While Canadian Tire cannot provide details at this time about construction timing, store size, or banners that would be part of retail store, the company is enthusiastic about operating in Martensville.

“Canadian Tire Corporation is excited about Martensville and the surrounding region, it is a tremendous growth story and we look forward to being part of its future,” says Clinton Elenko, Vice President, Real Estate, Canadian Tire Corporation.

“A Canadian Tire store here in Martensville is very exciting,” says Kent Muench, Mayor of the City of Martensville. “Not only will our residents have access to Canadian Tires’ retail services, but the project should result in numerous new jobs for local Martensville residents. That’s good news not only for people who live here now, but for those considering a move to Martensville.”

Residents will agree. The City recently conducted a resident survey that focused on retail development in Martensville, the results of which showed the demand for additional retail services, particularly larger, national chains like Canadian Tire, is high. “As more and more retail services are offered here, we’re seeing higher residential growth, and as our population grows, more commercial growth follows, so overall, we’re in a really great situation here in Martensville,” Muench adds.

John Williams of North Prairie Developments in Saskatoon, who spearheaded commercial developments in the City with the creation of two large developments, Black Iron Crossing and Sunset Ridge Commercial, says interest in Martensville over the past few years has been steady.

“We’ve had a lot of success in Martensville, and with talks on-going with other national chains and major retailers, we hope to continue making more announcements like this soon,” says Williams.

In fact, both of North Prairie Developments’ two large retail developments are almost at full capacity as business and service sector growth continues in Martensville, Western Canada’s fastest growing city.

The Sunset Ridge development is an integrated six-acre highway and service commercial site located at the south end of Martensville, fronting the Centennial Drive South service road. The development currently includes Dairy Queen, Taco Time, and a Canalta Hotel which is under construction. Additional business like a Second Cup, Little Caesers Pizza, and a Dental Clinic all have committed to locating at Sunset Ridge.

In the past six months alone, TRX RV announced the building of a 15-acre RV Mall, the first of its kind in Saskatchewan, and a new 20-acre Northlands Business Park. A new commercial strip mall is also almost completed, and Canalta Hotels’ new 4-storey, 84-room hotel should be complete this summer.

The City says its work in building the profile of Martensville as a great place to live, work, and invest, will remain one of their top priorities. “Our support for entrepreneurs, both large commercial developers, and small businesses will continue – it’s in the best interests of our City, our residents, and the entire region surrounding Martensville, to do so,” says Muench.

For more information on Black Iron Crossing and Sunset Ridge, contact:
Eugene Hritzuk, ICR Commercial Real Estate, 933-2929

For more information on the City of Martensville contact:
Dillon Shewchuk, City of Martensville Economic Development, 931-2166

For more information on North Prairie Developments contact:
John Williams, North Prairie Developments, 931-2880

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