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CFIB ranks best & worst property tax gaps in Saskatchewan Cities

For the 5th year in a row the City of Martensville had the lowest municipal property tax gap of 1.51. CFIB’s 9th annual edition of Wanted: Property Tax Fairness in Saskatchewan examines municipal and total property tax gaps for 75 municipalities and 31 Rural Municipalities (RMs) with populations of 1,000 or greater. The tax gap measures the ratio of commercial and residential property tax bills for properties assessed at a value of $200,000.

Mayor Kent Muench commented on the report, “We are pleased and proud of the findings of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. The city of Martensville understands the importance of having a vibrant and thriving business community, as it means local jobs, investment, and more goods and services for local and area residents. During our budget cycles we ensure our commercial sector is treated fairly as to encourage continued business expansion and attraction to the community. We also are aware of the fact that we are in a very vibrant region and business has the opportunity to locate anywhere; we simply want to ensure we put our best foot forward not only through our tax structure but also through providing support through our economic development department and our Business Incentive Bylaw.”

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