About Martensville Western Canada's Fastest Growing City

  • Growing.


    We are Western Canada’s fastest growing city - our population has increased by 55% since 2006.
  • Young.


    75% of our residents are under the age of 45 and the demand for additional local services is high.
  • Business Friendly.

    Business Friendly.

    We have amongst the lowest and fairest commercial tax rates among all Saskatchewan cities with attractive incentives for new construction. (CFIB 2011-14)
  • Thriving.


    Our residents have the highest household incomes in the province.
  • Ideally Located.

    Ideally Located.

    With access to major road networks, Martensville is located 8 km north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s largest city and is in the heart of the Province’s centre of growth.
  • Ready to Expand.

    Ready to Expand.

    Zoned and serviced land and property is available and our growing local and regional market has the capacity to support additional business development.
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What people are saying...

"I like the small town feel, but has all the amenities of a big city. I’m excited about all the new businesses coming into our city!"

"It’s a small, safe, friendly community with all the needed necessities, just a short drive from Saskatoon."

"I love the parks and walking trails and the growing business sector."

"It’s a friendly, safe and quiet community with good schools and now with its growth more amenities are coming to Martensville - it's very exciting!"

Location & Amenities Big City Convenience — Small Town Feel



Martensville is active. Numerous opportunities for recreation and leisure are supporting the growth of Martensville including the new Martensville Athletic Pavilion, Aquatic Centre, Martensville Sports Centre, and North Ridge Community Centre.

On any given night in the spring and summer months you can take in a variety of ball or soccer games, walking trails, fishing, golfing etc.  In the winter you can take in the outdoor skating rinks and tobogganing hills.  No matter what the season there are plenty of opportunities for play and recreation in Martensville.

Local Service Groups in the areas of sport, culture and recreation also offer volunteer opportunities for local residents. A comprehensive list can be seen through the Martensville Business Directory.

For more information on facilities or programming in Martensville please contact the City of Martensville.

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Martensville has two elementary schools and one High School. The Martensville Athletic Pavilion that opened in November of 2014, is adjoined to the High School to provide athletic opportunities for students. Recent renovations to the high school will include a performing arts theatre for use by both the school and the community.

In October 2013, the provincial government announced the building of two new schools in the City. These schools will be located in a joint use facility that will also have a 90 seat daycare. These schools will be located in the newest subdivision, Lake Vista and has an opening date of fall 2017.




Martensville is part of Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) and is minutes away from three major hospitals, specialists and laboratories in the City of Saskatoon.

Saskatoon Health Region is the largest health region in the province, serving 291,000 local residents in more than 100 cities, towns, villages, RMs and First Nation communities. An integrated health delivery agency, SHR provides hospital and long term care, public health and home care, mental health and addiction services, prenatal and palliative care, etc. These services and programs are provided in more than 75 facilities, including 10 hospitals (including three tertiary hospitals in Saskatoon), 29 long term care facilities, and numerous primary health care sites, public health centres, mental health and addictions centres, and community-based settings. The Region employs more than 800 physicians.

Within the community, Martensville has a medical clinic with two general practitioners as well as a number of pharmacies. Martensville is also home to a number of massage therapists and chiropractic clinics and physiotherapy clinics. Optometry and Dental Services are also available right in Martensville. The City is currently pursuing physician recruitment opportunities to help expand healthcare for the community.

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Property Taxes Recognized by CFIB for Affordable, Fair Taxation

With population growth, Martensville’s rapidly expanding tax base allows the City to provide all the necessary civic services to residents. The City strives to ensure Martensville continues to provide a high quality of life and remains affordable, clean and safe with quality schools and opportunities for recreation.

Property taxes are used to fund City programs and services (City of Martensville) and education (Government of Saskatchewan).

Commercial Taxation

In 2015, based on a commercial bulding with an assessed property of $750,000, the total property tax bill (municipal and education taxes) would be $13,440. The breakdown would be as follows:

  Mill Rate Amount
Municipal Base Rate   $615
Future Wastewater Treatment Levy   $75
Municipal Levy 8.58 $6,435
Garbage/Recycling   $180
Library Tax   $0
School Property Tax 8.28 $6,210

Click for more information on property taxation.

Martensville has been recognized for having amongst the lowest and fairest taxes for commercial taxation by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. The City ensures it maintains a favorable and competitive environment for taxation to encourage start- ups and expansion.

  • CFIB News Release 2012
  • CFIB News Release 2013
  • CFIB News Release 2014

In addition to the excellent tax environment, Martensville has one of the province’s most attractive incentive policies for new commercial construction in order to attract business and ensure entrepreneurs get off to the best start. Visit the City of Martensville’s website to see the Economic Development Incentive Policy.

Residential Taxation

In 2015, based on a home with a taxable assessment of $215,860 (average residential taxable assessment), the total property tax paid would be $2541.19. The breakdown of how that amount would be allocated is as follows:

  Mill Rate Amount
Municipal Base Rate   $615
Future Wastewater Treatment Levy   $75
Municipal Levy 6.03 $1,301.64
Garbage/Recycling   $180
Library Tax   $0
School Property Tax 5.03 $1085.78

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